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Sand yachting is an outdoor activity that can be practiced all year round. It’s an environmentally friendly sport.
And it’s an activity that will give you an adrenaline rush and boost your well-being while you have a wonderful time with family and friends.

What happens in a sand yachting session?

You are welcomed to the sand yachting centre

Equipment is handed out

Introduction (starting, stopping, safety rules, etc)

In-depth lesson and/or walk-through

Rinse and put equipment away


Introductory courses are held over a 2-hour slot and are available to those aged 12 and over.

For persons with reduced mobility, a double yacht can be booked.

The team may cancel or postpone the session if there’s a problem with the wind speed.

Gift vouchers

Give one of your nearest and dearest a breath of fresh air and a chance to discover sand yachting with a gift voucher to the value of your choice starting at €42.


Individual rates

Full rate: €42 per person
Refundable if cancelled by the instructor

Discounted rate: €35 per person
Non-refundable if cancelled by the instructor, valid for 1 year


Group rates

From Monday to Friday excluding weekends and bank holidays. We can accommodate up to 48 people in one session (regulations state 12 people maximum per instructor).

€35 per person for a group of 8 to 11 people
€30 per person for a group of 12 or more people


People with reduced mobility

A double sand yacht for people with reduced mobility for an accompanied experience: €100 for the use of the sand yacht + €10 per participant


Beginner courses

Courses are organised over five days with 2 hours of practice per day depending on the tides. They can be taken during Zone B school holidays.

Depending on the tides, we can hold up to 3 sand yachting sessions per day.

5 two-hour sessions: €130.00


Learn how to sand yacht on a course prepared and supervised by an instructor and adhere to the safety and sailing rules.


Learn how to sail the entire perimeter of the course regardless of the direction of the wind, under the supervision of an instructor.

Improver course

The improver courses help participants to develop their skills based on their level.


Further develop your sand yachting techniques to reach level 4 of the sand yachting handbook and be ready to join a club.


Learn how to sail your sand yacht regardless of the wind speed, on different courses, with a maximum speed and without any danger to oneself or other sand yachts.


Sessions for school kids

Dunkirk’s sand yachting school, Mer et Rencontres, hosts groups of school kids all year long (primary, middle and high school).

As part of an agreement with the Dunes de Flandre local authority, the association hosts schools from the Dunes de Flandre area (Dunkirk, Zuydcoote, Leffrinckoucke and Bray-Dunes), that is, a total of 36 classes from primary 5 to primary 6.

All school groups are welcome.
Please contact us for rates.

For school groups outside the region, stays can be arranged because of the large choice of local accommodation.

Corporate seminars

Eager to spend some quality time with your colleagues and do something that will sweep your co-workers off their feet?
Mer et Rencontres gives you a 2-hour introductory session.

Rates: see group rates.